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    Save this layers post

    Save this layers post DeerLashes

    Did you know that our lashes grow in multiple layers? And you should really take full advantage of them in order to create the perfect top line!
    We know that working with layers can be very tricky but all it takes is a little practice! ⁠⁣⁠
    We advise that for each layer, you should change the length of the lashes you use!
    Use shorter lashes on the upper layers and longer lashes on the lower layers (with the chosen lengths depending on the desired shape, of course!)
    For example, you can use 8mm on top, 9mm in the middle and 10mm on the bottom and the result will be a perfectly defined top line and a beautiful accentuated shape!
    For a wispy top line, you want to reverse the layers so that the longer length is on the top layer and the bottom layer is the short length. This will create a gorgeous wispy effect!

    Inner corner hack! 

    Inner corner hack!  DeerLashes

    Save this post! 

    Do you struggle to get to the inner corner lashes? 
    If you do, listen up! 

    Here’s our top hack when working with inner corners! 

    Cut a piece of tape OR use our pre-cut Eyelid Tape and place it close and parallel to the lash line, pulling gently towards the brow arch. This technique helps you to reveal all hidden lashes and significantly improves your visibility when it comes to isolation! 

    Hands up, who loves this lash extensions hack! 🫶 And who’s going to try it?

    Save. This. Post.

    Save. This. Post.

    Struggling with knowing which styling is best for each of your lash extension clients?
    We’ve got you covered!
    These are three stylings EVERY lash tech should know! 

    ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁠CAT is PUUURFECT for
    • Clients with a close set of eyes whose eyelashes are naturally lifted up in the outer corners.⁣⁣⁠
    • Large, rounded, bulbous eyes to soften their appearance.⁣⁣⁠
    If eyelashes aren’t naturally lifted upwards in the outer corners, be cautious to not create a sad-eye effect with this look.⁣⁣⁠
    This look does NOT make the eye appear bigger, it makes them appear wider.⁣⁣⁠
    DOLLY is the BEST for
    • Creating an open eye effect.⁣⁣⁠
    • Flat eyes to make them appear more rounded.⁣⁣⁠
    • Small eyes to make them appear larger.⁣⁣⁠
    • A deep set of eyes.⁣⁣⁠

    • Lifting up the outer corner lashes which are growing downwards.⁣⁣⁠
    • If the eyes are downturned.⁣⁣⁠
    • Eyes that have a large gap between the lash line and the arch of the eyebrows.⁣⁣⁠
    • A close set of eyes to bring them further apart.⁣⁣⁠
    GOLDEN RULE: If you’re unsure of the best style for your client, you can NEVER go wrong with squirrel.
    Which lash style is your personal favorite? Let us know below!