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    How to use lash primer?

    How to use lash primer?

    When we experience a client who maybe has oliy or lashes sometimes it’s really difficult to find out if you have an oily client sometimes it’s not visible,Some time you won’t find out until you go to place the lash and it will slip off so if your humidity your relative humidity and your temperature are on point but the lash slipping off,sometimes you have to switch over to that primer so it’s good to know when and why because you are just gonna have the best retention.

    So next I will show you how to apply the primer correctly.

    Some clients have oily skin, so her eyelashes often get a lot of oil on them, you need to use shampoo first to remove the oil and other dirt,Squeeze some shampoo into the lid, then spread them evenly on the lashes, swiping lightly with the cleansing brush.Then wipe clean with a large cotton pad.Let it air dry naturally.

    You may also need to rinse with saline if the client has a lot of oil on their lashes.

    After the eyelashes are air-dried, use 2 cotton wands to dip a little primer, sandwich the eyelashes up and down, and wipe each eyelash evenly from corner to corner.

    Let it air dry naturally.

    Now you can start your lash work.